A husband - wife team of travel wedding photography


images by angelika johns


Originally from the East Coast / Midwest, we married right out of college, moved to Southern California, and started TWO LEE PHOTOGRAPHY.

We are located in Jacksonville, FlorIDA 

but we photograph from coast to coast... and anywhere our photography takes us! 


OUR MISSION is to create images that outlast any memory


Ethan loves the technical and structural aspect of photography, while Bethany enjoys the artistic and free-spirited side. Despite our opposite views, the combination makes a pretty great photography team. We love to see the world and take photos along the way. 

One of the ways that Two Lee Photography is unique is our LETTERING element. Bethany has a passion for modern calligraphy, whether that be on envelopes, cards, canvases, or custom orders. Go check out our TwoLeeLettering ETSY Shop! 

So that's a little bit about us... Follow us on INSTAGRAM (or take a peek below),

browse our WEDDING and ENGAGEMENT photos,

and be sure to let us know if you have any QUESTIONS as you go!